The Daltons (The Boys’ Years)


You can’t choose your brothers, you just have them. ‘The Daltons – the Boys’ years’ is the follow-up of the 1999 series, in which the seven-year-old Tim discovers life and the world with his brothers. In this new series, Tim is now fourteen years old, right in the midst of puberty. Just like his sixteen-year-old brother Jelle, and oldest brother Erik, who’s turning eightteen. Still, there’s a new world to discover every day. Only now, life’s become a lot more complex than seven years ago…

How do you know if a girl wants to date you, when is the best moment for the first kiss? The whole family is in a state of uproar, when Erik’s girlfriend sleeps over for the first time. Later, during a vacation in the north of the Netherlands, Jelle and Erik both want to meet the most girls. But the three handsome northern girls stirr things up, and Tim ends up receiving his first kiss. Just before Erik leaves for a America for a year, his girlfriend breaks up with him, and Erik doesn’t really want to go anymore. Tim tries to support him, knowing it will be his turn one day.