Eleven year old twins Arend and Zus live on a small wharf in the big city’s Dockland-area, with their foster family, the Kater’s. The twins are at the centre of a tight groep of friends that use the rough Docklands as their playground. It’s an exciting place, full of adventures and challenges. Who’s the daredevil of the group? Who’s in charge? Who’s out of the game? It’s an exciting summer filled with fun, but also with struggles in their friendships. At home, Arend and Zus go through a difficult time as well. Their biological mother Nancy wants them back, turning their lives upside down. Arend and Zus wonder where they really belong. Not just their friendships, but also their family ties are put to the test. Will Arend and Zus stay together? And will the Docklands-group surive?

Robert advised writers Maartje Pompe van Meerdervoort en Evianne Lamme.